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Featured on ABC, CNN, and more!  Dayton couple experiences an unexpected and magical first dance when a traffic jam threatens to keep them from their wedding reception.
Highlight reel of a wedding from 2015.
This is a freelance project I made for the Cedarville University Alumni Association. I conducted all of the interviews in one day, and I created the graphics for the film as well.
Shot on a Canon 60D with a 50mm lens.
This is the vocal recital of two of Cedarville University’s finest talents. This was my first experience shooting and mic-ing a live event on my own, though I have since gained experience shooting live events with televised sports events.
Shot with a Canon 60D, using a Canon Camcorder for the cover shot and a Shure shotgun mic.
Featured on ABC, CNN, and more!  A bride and groom get stranded for an hour and forty-five minutes on their way to their reception. They share a romantic first dance on the freeway. A rescue ensues and the night is saved.
This short story revolves around an issue I feel very strongly about. I co-wrote, directed, co-starred, and shot the film.
Shot on a Canon 60D with a 50mm lens.
This is a senior trumpet recital at Cedarville University from on of their top trumpet players in 2015.  This was my second time shooting a recital, and while using a similar set-up to the first one (see right), the quality has markedly improved.