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Hi! My name is Levi. I’m a filmmaker, photographer, actor, writer, singer and sports enthusiast. I’ve made short films, worked on a short documentary, and photographed weddings and engagements. I’ve filmed recitals for music students and offer videography services as well. After interning with WOSN in Lima, Ohio, working as a camera operator and filling numerous other positions, I have continued working there as a replay/graphics operator for their sports productions. I have also directed high school football with WOSN.

I’ve acted in six collegiate plays at Cedarville University, including the lead in Joe DiPietro’s Over the River and Through the Woods, as well as other small film projects. I’ve done voiceover work and vocal acting in radio.

I’m from a small town in Oklahoma (we have a gas station and one house). I first became interested in film-making as a 15-year-old when I made a satire news story with my little brother.